At Boutique Print & Marketing, we’ve been specializing in providing affordable, custom-designed plastic cards, accessories, client welcome rewards packs and tags for over 20 years. Our ethically produced cards are designed to provide you with maximum impact in the marketplace to give you a competitive edge and very little impact on the environment.

Our marketing concepts and products are all about creating brand awareness and generating sales, referrals and bookings for beauty salons and spas, hairdressers, massage therapists, yoga studios, fitness clubs, sporting and recreational clubs, department stores, boutiques, florists, restaurants, coffee shops and other specialty retailers.

Boutique Print & Marketing works with various size print runs. Whether you need 100 or 50,000 plastic cards, we value your custom. Our superior design capabilities and printing method mean that the customer who orders as few as 100 cards receives the same quality and value as customer who orders many thousands. We will not compromise on quality or customer service.

We don’t charge set-up fees — ever! We offer discounts for multiple orders and pride ourselves on meeting tight delivery schedules.

We have years’ of experience and have assisted over 500 businesses establish and introduce successful rewards programs. Upon placing an order, our in-house marketing coach will consult with you for free, to make sure that you have left no stone unturned when it comes to setting up a winning loyalty, rewards or referral program.

Contact Boutique Print & Marketing now to find out why our customers love doing business with us and discover how we can help you to take your marketing and your profits to the next level.

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